An innovative software platform that delivers an interactive multimedia education experience to patients.

Product Information

Max offers a comprehensive library of multimedia items—photos, images, reference documents and videos that can be used to support the patient education process.  You have the ability to make notes and take photos to personalize the consultation.  Print and email capabilities enable you to share documents with the patient or store in the EHR for future reference.

Images of MAX:


  • Conditions
  • Treatments
  • Key Points
  • Recommendations

Media Elements

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Predictive Tools
  • Research Papers
  • Photographs


  • Drawing
  • Camera
  • Email
  • Print

Benefits for Physicians

Maximize Your Time

Improve Patient Satisfaction & Referrals

Enhance Practice Productivity

Improve Patient Comprehension

Meet Meaningful Use Objectives

Create Marketing Opportunities

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