Our Testimonials

Here is what doctors who have been using MAX in their practices have to say:

I use MAX for all my newly diagnosed prostate cancer consultations. My patients and their families are much more engaged than before when I wrote the options on the sheet covering the exam room table. They are more comfortable and confident in their treatment decisions, and receive a record of the entire discussion. Plus, I spend at least 30% less time.

Dr. Frederick Walters, St. Louis, MO

It’s obvious that MAX was designed by busy Urologists trying to optimize patient understanding. It also fits nicely with normal office flow.

Dr. Jim Simon, Colorado Springs, CO

We perform robotic surgery and use sophisticated instruments for our procedures, yet we are still scribbling notes on pieces of paper for patients, and pointing to images and pictures on the wall. This is a better way.

Dr. Froy Gonzales, Atlanta, GA

My patients and their families often try to find videos of their upcoming surgeries on YouTube or Google. They end up watching videos that are scary, long, and show unnecessary details. I can play videos on MAX in seconds that get right to the most important points.

Dr. Matthew Perry, Sarasota, FL

I like how the Informed Consent and other patient handouts can be incorporated into the email sent to patients.

Dr. Joseph Bilik, Sarasota, FL

With all the controversy and bad information about prostate cancer treatment online, I’m happy to take patient care away from Drs. Google and YouTube.

Dr. Salim Hawatmeh, St. Louis, MO

Here is what patients have to say:

I suffered from a leaking bladder for years. I searched the Internet for solutions, but I was afraid to see a doctor because of all the lawsuit commercials online and on TV. I finally saw a Urologist who did an exam. He said I had classic stress urinary incontinence. He then used MAX to show me a short, easy to understand video. He explained I needed a sling. He then went over all my concerns about using mesh. I wasn’t really sure how the mesh was put in, and I didn’t realize there was such a small incision. We talked about all the possible complications. He printed out the entire presentation, and it even had opinions on the use of mesh for this condition written by two prominent organizations of surgeons who treat this issue. This put my mind at ease. I ended up having a sling procedure and it was life changing. My Urologist did a wonderful job explaining things to me.

Samantha Charles, 50

I went to the ER the other day throwing up with severe pain in my side. The ER doctors diagnosed me with a kidney stone. They said it was too big to pass on its own. I was able to go home, and I immediately started searching the Internet on how these things were treated. I found picture of people in bathtubs getting some sort of treatment, scary looking instruments going through places I was not looking forward to, and other people having painful looking incisions. Luckily, I was able to see a Urologist the next day. He drew out my particular stone on MAX then showed me a really quick video that explained how the stone would be blasted. He then showed me a picture of some tube that would maybe have to be put in if the stones didn’t pass. I was really hoping not to have that tube since it sounded painful. I had the ESWL procedure which ended up being successful. I was happy the Urologist showed me how it was actually done, and that he didn’t need to put that tube in me.

Jack Morena, 39

I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Needless to say, my family and I were extremely anxious. At the time of my first consultation, I was so frightened that I basically had little recollection of what the doctor told me other than “it had to come out” using a robot. I remember him scribbling a few notes on the exam table paper. My daughter is a nurse, she was not present at the doctor visit, but asked me if the doctor explained why my prostate cancer needed to be treated. She had heard that prostate cancer isn’t really treated anymore. I was even more confused, so I was recommended to see a different Urologist. He used MAX for his presentation. He explained the Gleason score with a picture and was able to write my score and all statistics on a few screens he went through. Because I had intermediate to high-grade cancer, he recommended treatment. We reviewed all the options on the iPad with pictures, videos, and charts, all customized to my case. He discussed the cure rates and side effects of all the treatments. He then emailed me the what we went over, including the screens with the notes he had written on the iPad. My nurse daughter was then able to review this with me at home. We were pleasantly surprised that the email had even more information about the daVinci procedure, which is what I ended up having. The experience with MAX made me much more comfortable in my decision to have surgery, and gave me much more confidence in my Urologist.

Ryan Callahan, 62